HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I'm an AGILE, responsive kind of guy

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Spliced several .pdf's to create the lander and several other pages for HTML and SCSS

Made multiple styling and HTML changes to different widgets and plugins (WordPress site). HTML, SCSS, and PHP

Updated multiple HTML lists. HTML

Updated multiple HTML lists (very similar project to HTML

Check out some of my other stuff

This is just another taste of some of the work I've done for practice, work, and for play.

  • JavaScript Carousel

    CodePen Carousel

    Semi-dynamic image carousel using vanilla JavaScript. Made in CodePen

  • Binary Clock

    CodePen Binary Clock

    Real-time clock that displays as binary using JQuery. Made in CodePen

  • Zombie Follow (In Progress)

    CodePen Binary Clock

    Survival-type browser based game utilizing the animate function of JQuery. Made in CodePen

  • Personal Sandbox

    CodePen Binary Clock

    Simple sandbox I use to play with code. One of a few NOT made in CodePen

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