About Me

Wannabe pilot. Sportbike nut. Programmer.

Little Flavor of Me

Since I was just a little guy, I’ve always had a fascination for technology. I started early, learning bits of HTML in grade school. With the help of my father, I started programming in ActionScript when I was 16 using Macromedia’s Flash MX. Throughout college, I’ve learned both C++ and C#, and most recently HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I taught myself Google’s AppScript to assist with data collection while I was working for Rise Broadband. I've also started getting into Arduino's, which has helped my mad C++ skillz.

Recently, I was a web development intern at Skyrocket Media / BestCompany.com. While I worked there, I learned to be proficient in HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript. I learned more about JQuery and PHP, as well as small bits of Bootstrap. After about 6 weeks of training, I started working on live sites. After about 3 months, I had worked on our big-mama: bestcompany.com (talk about a money-maker), and three other major sites. This was a huge move for me because I was coming from software engineering, with little previous experience actually developing for the web. Another huge pro for me was learning how to better work with a team. I was introduced to (and fell in love with) versioning, specifically with BitBucket and SourceTree. It was beautiful.

Programming for me is an art, which makes it easier for me to learn. I’m a quick and eager learner, extremely adaptive, and I love a challenge, which is why programming and I have always been such a perfect match. The physical artistic ability I lack (don't ask me to draw stick people) I have been able to find through the digital ink that is quite literally at my fingertips.

Everything Else

I'm just a happy guy that loves life - I get along with just about everybody. I love flying helicopters, both the real deal (though I've only done it once) and with a remote control, and I love motorcycles. I'm naturally curious, enjoy long strolls on the beach (wherever I can find one), and love the feeling of the wind in my face...with a helmet on.